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October 14 2012

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The “Love Detector” service from Korean cell phone operator KTF uses technology that is supposed to analyze voice patterns to see if a lover is speaking honestly and with affection. Users later receive an analysis of the conversation delivered through text message that breaks down the amount of affection, surprise, concentration and honesty of the other speaker.


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Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, is 100% deaf and became so within a three month timeframe.


October 13 2012

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In China, someone takes his or her own life on average every two minutes. China accounts for nearly a quarter of the global total of suicides with between 250,000 and 300,000 suicides a year.


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Love can also exert the same stress on your body as deep fear. You see the same physiological responses—sweaty palms, pupil dilation, and increased heart rate.


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The word “vagina”comes from the Latin root meaning “sheath for a sword.”


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World’s Largest Cork Mosaic was created by artist Saimir Strati. It consisted of 229,764 corks and 27 days of hard work.


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In Yakutia Russia, the temperature often dips to minus 60 degrees. It is so cold that trees explode, blue sparks fly from falling timber, mercury freezes and exhaled breathe is transformed into a shower of ice crystals called “the whisper of the stars”. 


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According to a new research, Women who lost their virginity as teenagers are more likely to get divorced.


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Dark chocolate helps the brain process information faster and boosts blood flow.


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If you sleep less, you crave for junk food. If you over sleep, you crave for more sleep.


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October 12 2012



1. You forget 90% of your dreams - within 5 minutes of waking, half of your dream is forgotten. Within 10, 90% is gone.

2. Blind people also dream - people who became blind after birth can see images in their dreams. People who are born blind do not see any images, but have dreams equally vivid involving their other senses of sound, smell, touch and emotion.

3. Everybody dreams - every human being dreams (except in cases of extreme psychological disorder). If you think you are not dreaming, you just forget your dreams.

4. In our dreams, we only see faces that we already know - our mind is not inventing faces – in our dreams we see real faces of real people that we have seen during our life but may not know or remember. We have all seen hundreds of thousands of faces throughout our lives, so we have an endless supply of characters for our brain to utilize during our dreams.

5. Not everybody dreams in color - a full 12% of sighted people dream exclusively in black and white. 

6. Dreams are symbolic - if you dream about some particular subject, it is not often that the dream is about that. Dreams speak in a deeply symbolic language.  Whatever symbol your dream picks on it is most unlikely to be a symbol for itself.

7. Emotions - the most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety. Negative emotions are more common than positive ones.

8. You can have four to seven dreams in one night - on average, you can dream anywhere from one or two hours every night.

9. Animals dream too - studies have been done on many different animals, and they all show the same brain waves during dreaming sleep as humans. Watch a dog sleeping sometime. The paws move like they are running and they make yipping sounds as if they are chasing something in a dream.

10. Body Paralysis- rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is a normal stage of sleep characterized by rapid movements of the eyes. REM sleep in adult humans typically occupies 20-25% of total sleep, about 90-120 minutes of a night’s sleep.During REM sleep the body is paralyzed by a mechanism in the brain in order to prevent the movements which occur in the dream from causing the physical body to move. However, it is possible for this mechanism to be triggered before, during, or after normal sleep while the brain awakens.

11. Dream Incorporation - our mind interprets the external stimuli that our senses are bombarded with when we are asleep and make them a part of our dreams. This means that sometimes, in our dreams, we hear a sound from reality and incorporate it in a way. For example you may be dreaming that you are in a concert, while your brother is playing a guitar during your sleep.

12. Men and women dream differently - men tend to dream more about other men. Around 70% of the characters in a man’s dream are other men. On the other hand, a woman’s dream contains almost an equal number of men and women. Aside from that, men generally have more aggressive emotions in their dreams than the female lot.

13. Precognitive Dreams - results of several surveys across large population sets indicate that between 18% and 38% of people have experienced at least one precognitive dream and 70% have experienced déjà vu. The percentage of persons that believe precognitive dreaming is possible is even higher, ranging from 63% to 98%.

14. If you are snoring, then you cannot be dreaming.

15. You can experience an orgasm in your dreams - you can not only have sex as pleasurable as in your real life while dreaming, but also experience an orgasm as strong as a real one, without any wet results. The sensations felt while lucid dreaming (touch, pleasure and etc..) can be as pleasurable and strong (or I believe even stronger) as the sensations experienced in the real world.



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If a woman is exposed to 15 minutes of a fashion magazine, her satisfaction with her body image will decrease by 50%.


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The moaning sounds you hear in the song “Rocket Queen” by Guns N Roses, are actual sounds of Steve Adler’s GF having sex with Axl Rose.


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Russia is currently creating an electromagnetic radiation gun that attacks a person’s central nervous system and turn the target into a zombie.


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Having a large butt & thighs is healthy for your brain and may help you live longer.


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The world’s only Pink Dolphin was discovered in an inland lake in Louisiana, USA.


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In 2007, A Chinese couple tried to name their child ‘@’, claiming that this certain character echoed their love for the child.


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Google makes around $929 per second.


October 11 2012

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Popcorn and waffle flavoured vodka is now possible to buy, thanks to a company called Georgi.


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Only 2 people know the Coca-Cola recipe and they are not allowed to travel on the same plane, in case it crashes.


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